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TOURS - You are welcome to tour our facility at any time. However, calling ahead and scheduling one is always recommended so we can ensure that someone is available at the time of your visit. Mornings after 9:00 a.m. and/or afternoons after 3:00 p.m. are the best time to see the activities that are provided and meet the staff.
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8 weeks - 12 years
According to research done in the Early Years Study (Dr. Fraser Musturd and Hon. Margaret Macain) suggests that the years before six are critical for early childhood cognitive development. Among the most important influences on this development are:
experiences in group socialization
early learning and thought stimulation
and development of a child's latent creative aptitudes

Research confirms that the better the nurturing and learning experience in early childhood, the better the future outcomes for the child. The Study synthesizes evidence from neuroscience showing that most of the "wiring" in the human brain that supports lifelong learning, human behavior and health is in place by the age of six. The findings indicate that children’s earliest experiences and interactions with adults and other children —especially during the first three years of life — are far more important for positive brain development than previously realized.

At Born to Succeed Early Care & Education Center we believe very strongly that the years before 6 are crucial for each child's future outcomes.
We believe that each child needs to feel (and be) safe, secure and happy in order to grow to his/her full potential
We believe that each child needs to be treated with respect and their interests, abilities and needs must be considered when planning and implementing the daily program.
We believe that children need to be given first hand experiences to actively explore.

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We believe that children need to be active participants in their own learning with teachers being facilitators in the classroom.
We believe that children learn through play.
We believe that childcare is a partnership between your family and our centre.
Therefore, we strive to provide children of varying ability levels and backgrounds a place to learn, play and grow together in a developmentally appropriate environment
Learning through play methodology/creative curriculum utilized.
Developmentally appropriate practices
Intergenerational activities
Program evaluation and outcomes measurement